Types Of Roofs You Did Not Know

There are many types of the roof shapes which can help you reach any difficult decision on time. Each of these different roof types have different properties. Keep on reading to learn about their emotional roofing properties.


Gable roof

Gable refers to the triangular spot which is formed when two pitched areas of the roof meet. It is a popular type of roof which is easy to build, sheds water well. This design can be able to applied to most of the house design.


Hip roof

This type of hip roof is much more difficult to build and usually has four sides. This is one of the most popular choice which can help give your house the better ventilation. This is especially something which can perform much better with high winds.


Dutch roof

Dutch roof is one of the basic type with a small gable at the either end. The end result is easier to access which can be formed than lower potion of roof which can be added to the benefits of the natural light.


Mansard roof

This is a french design which can help ensure that it becomes more difficult to build than hip or gable roof. This has two slopes which can be used on each sides. The bottom part of the roof slope is much steeper which can help pitch for the roof where it starts. This can allow you to have more room inside the house which can create the extra space.


Flat roof

There are 100% flat roofs which allows for a low sloped roofs that appear to be flat. But it has a tiny slope which can allow you to run off water.


Shed roof

Shed roof is more similar to a flat roof but has much more pitch to it. It can be added for a much more easier roof styles.


Butterfly roof

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Huntsville roofing design. It helps provide for a very spacious roof which can have plenty of light falling in the house. The ventilation can cause drainage problem at time but can be easily resolved with continuous upgrading.


Gambrel roof

It is also called as the barn roof which one can see extensively in barns. It has an additional headroom in the attic which can give you a feel of having a better storage facility.


Dormer roof

This is more addition to an existent roof. It is a window and roof which has a gabled hip. It has a protruding from the existence slop of the already installed roof. A functional dormer can help create a space which can used to keep a room with adequate lighting and headroom.

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